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Flat Roof Dormer Conversion
The Process: from start to finish

Complete flat roof dormer conversion from beginning to end; adding two bedrooms and a bathroom.

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The property before conversion...
001_01_THM.jpg 001_02_THM.jpg 001_03_THM.jpg
First erect some scaffolding...
Order some materials...
Install a fire escape window. Now most materials and waste can be brought in and out through this window and the rest of the house is not disturbed...
Next a new floor and essential structural work...
005_01_THM.jpg 005_02_THM.jpg 005_03_THM.jpg 005_04_THM.jpg 005_05_THM.jpg
Next we construct a new dormer. All of the work in this section is done in one day and the dormer is weatherproof before we leave...
006_01_THM.jpg 006_02_THM.jpg 006_03_THM.jpg 006_04_THM.jpg 006_05_THM.jpg 006_06_THM.jpg 006_07_THM.jpg 006_08_THM.jpg 006_09_THM.jpg 006_10_THM.jpg 006_11_THM.jpg 006_12_THM.jpg
Tiles are added to the new dormer...
007_01_THM.jpg 007_02_THM.jpg 007_03_THM.jpg
Then windows and fascias...
The dormer completed...
009_01_THM.jpg 009_02_THM.jpg
Now more structural work inside after the dormer work is completed...
010_01_THM.jpg 010_02_THM.jpg 010_03_THM.jpg 010_04_THM.jpg
Partitioning the space...
011_01_THM.jpg 011_02_THM.jpg
Insulation, insulation, insulation...
012_01_THM.jpg 012_02_THM.jpg 012_03_THM.jpg
Plumbing and electrics...
013_01_THM.jpg 013_02_THM.jpg
And finally the stairs...
014_01_THM.jpg 014_02_THM.jpg 014_03_THM.jpg 014_04_THM.jpg 014_05_THM.jpg
The finished conversion. From empty attic to two bedrooms and a bathroom in eight to ten weeks...
015_01_THM.jpg 015_02_THM.jpg 015_03_THM.jpg 015_04_THM.jpg 015_05_THM.jpg 015_06_THM.jpg 015_07_THM.jpg 015_08_THM.jpg 015_09_THM.jpg 015_10_THM.jpg

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